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I has 23″ weighst June 13, 2007

Filed under: fakecat,fat,has — whatladder @ 2:32 am


6 Responses to “I has 23″ weighst”

  1. jazzmoth Says:

    I love your site, but the pictures keep getting cut off on the side of the blog frame. Maybe you could make the thumbnails smaller? I want to read your lolfakecats!

  2. whatladder Says:

    Dammit. They looks totally fine to me. Hem. Must acquire more computer knowledges.

    Have you tried clicking them?

  3. SpinKitty Says:

    I’m getting the cutoff, too. If I widen the window, the cutoff part comes up. Clicking does nothing. I’m using Firefox 2.0 under Windows XP.

  4. whatladder Says:

    I think it must have something to do with screen size, because I have lots of white space next to the pics when I look at them.

  5. jazzmoth Says:

    Yay! All better!

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